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SmokinLicious Gourmet Gift Boxes

Are you ready to experience the flavour of naturally seasoned meats - flavoured from the bottom up?

Our specially designed !SmokinLicious Gourmet Gift Boxes consist of a custom made wood crate stamped SmokinLicious with a rope handle, your choice of SmokinLicious Gourmet Wood Chunks, a complimentary Smokin 101 guide, instruction card, and a SmokinLicious Fire Starter(s).

For your convenience, we offer our gift boxes in three sizes: Small (includes one fire starter), Medium and Large (includes two fire starters).

After you have used all your SmokinLicious Gourmet Wood Chunks, you can order SmokinLicious Gourmet Refill Boxes or fill your crate with items of your choice. This box will surely add a country look to your living area. You may want to order additional empty crates to place next to a fireplace to store kindling or fire starters.

Each gift box is available in five wood types: Wild Cherry, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Ash or Mixture.

Medium Gift Box

14,158cc (1/2 cubic foot)

Approximately 5 lbs.

Coming Soon!

Carriage from USA - Included to New Zealand
Handling fee of $1.00 will be added

Large Gift Box

Coming Soon!

18,887cc(2/3 cubic foot)

Approximately 11 lbs.

Carriage from USA - Included to New Zealand
Handling fee of $1.00 will be added

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